Pet tags

I am an animal lover through and through. My husband knows that if we're together and I spot a dog, I'm most likely going to try to make a b-line to meet him/her. Animals (dogs are my personal favorite) have so much personality and sensitivity and I'll admit it; sometimes I prefer them to humans.

As a jewelry designer, I often miss a lot of summer due to travel but because of COVID-19, this has changed. Though is has been stressful (and many other positive and negative things), it's given me the wonderful opportunity to really have some time to think and be grateful for the most important things in my life. I am passionate about making jewelry and being creative and I'm passionate about my friends and family. I've always made my own dogs personalized tags and with a little nudging, I've done so for my friends. Now I get to share both of my passions with everyone!

These tags are inspired by some of my greatest loves. They're not only for dogs. Put them on your horse, cat, your pig (another favorite), whatever! For each one sold, I will be donating $10 to Young Williams (our local animal shelter where we adopted our precious Rosebud). Once you receive your tag, please take a photo of your pet wearing it and tag me and @ywacpets(again our shelter) and my husband will match it!

As of now, this is a summer project. I have no idea where it will lead me but what I do know is that I'm honored to go down that path...with my husband and our two beautifully adorned dogs.