The PET collection was created while I was out of work during the pandemic. Making jewelry wasn't exactly inspiring during such a distressing time so I brainstormed to figure out what was. It struck me how important our pets were at providing comfort and I realized that I could actually do something positive for my community and be creative! These jewelry inspired pet tags make our furry friends a little more "en vogue" and also help animals in need. For each one sold, I will donate 10% to our local animal shelter (Young Williams) where we adopted our precious Pitbull, Rosebud.
Each tag is meticulously designed by me. I have them cast in heavy duty brass and because of this, they're not your average pet jewelry. You'll get peace of mind knowing Fido can frolic around as he pleases because our tags are three times thicker than normal and much more durable. We stamp your animal's name onto the front and engrave your phone number on the back. If your animal likes water just as much as our dogs do, you'll be delighted to know your tag gets an anti-tarnish wax treatment so you don't have to worry when Fido decides to take a dip.
They can be used as key chains, pet memorials, and human jewelry. All come with a stainless split ring and of course, a donation to an animal shelter. We will change these up every so often. If you have a passion for dogs and cats and know of an animal shelter we should contact to partner with, please let us know. Our mission is to help as many animals as we possibly can!